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CVS branches for findutils

From: James Youngman
Subject: CVS branches for findutils
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:22:40 +0000

I have just released findutils-4.4.0, and so the branches in the CVS
repository have changed a little.

These are the interesting branches:

(the trunk)    The current 4.5.x development branch (no releases yet)
rel-4-4-fixes  The stable 4.4.x release series (newest release 4.4.0)
rel-4-3-fixes  The old development branch (newest release 4.3.13)
rel-4-2-fixes  The old stable 4.2.x release series (newest release 4.2.33)

So, development of 4.3.x has moved from the trunk to a branch.   The
branches for 4.3.x and 4.4.x are taken from the same point on the
trunk.  I am not currently planning to make any more 4.3.x releases.
I am also not planning to make any further 4.2.x releases, but it's
not impossible that one might happen (e.g. to fix a bug in 4.2.x for
the benefit of distributions with long-term stability goals).

As usual, changes to the stable branch will be almost entirely
confined to bugfixes, documentation improvements and similar.

The other branches in the repository are obsolete.


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