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--findoptions no

From: Karl Berry
Subject: --findoptions no
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 19:13:47 -0500

I spoke too soon.  --findoptions is not being sufficient.  I tried simply

  updatedb --findoptions="-type f"

to try to get it to only index plain files.

But this had the highly undesirable side effect of ignoring the pruning
expressions.  Looking at the code:

     \( $prunefs_exp \
     -type d -regex "$PRUNEREGEX" \) -prune -o $print_option

Clearly the -type f has the effect of making $PRUNEREGEX never match,
since the latter is only checked against directories.

Which is why I ended up with what I was doing before, where I manually
put the  -type f  into $print_option.

I don't see a way to play with the variables to get the -type f to be
effective, but I really want that, since it reduces the useless matches
(for my usage pattern) greatly.

Any ideas?


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