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-newer vs. FAT two second resolution

From: jidanni
Subject: -newer vs. FAT two second resolution
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 09:10:22 +0800

find -newer will have the same problem on FAT filesystems as cp -u:
$ touch -d 11:11:11 y
$ stat y
Access: 2008-04-09 11:11:11.000000000 +0800
$ cp -a y /vfat
$ umount /vfat; mount /vfat
$ stat /vfat/y
Modify: 2008-04-09 11:11:10.000000000 +0800
$ find y -newer ...

Just wanted to make a note of it and you might want to note it in the
man page pending some future resolution of the issue.

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