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[bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size

From: dan pritts
Subject: [bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 16:13:20 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #12162 (project findutils):

MacOS find behaves in the way i'd expect, at least in the obvious case of
-size -1G; 

It has this in the man page:

     -size n[ckMGTP]
             True if the file's size, rounded up, in 512-byte blocks is n. 
             n is followed by a c, then the primary is true if the file's
             is n bytes (characters).  Similarly if n is followed by a scale
             indicator then the file's size is compared to n scaled as:

             k       kilobytes (1024 bytes)
             M       megabytes (1024 kilobytes)
             G       gigabytes (1024 megabytes)
             T       terabytes (1024 gigabytes)
             P       petabytes (1024 terabytes)

I've asked a bsd-head friend for a login on his box and will report back what
i find.


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