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find -fprint can open file twice for writing

From: Federico Mena Quintero
Subject: find -fprint can open file twice for writing
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 13:07:05 -0600


There's something that is not really a bug in find(1), but it can lead
to surprising/incorrect output.

I found a script that runs something like

   find dirname -type f                      \
        \( -name '*.foo' -fprint output1     \
           -o -name '*.bar' -fprint output1  \
        \) -o name '*.baz' -fprint output2

The problem is the two occurrences "-fprint output1".  The find program
ends up opening output1 *twice*, and it writes to each separate file
descriptor when pred_fprint() runs.  The result is that output1 ends up
with corrupted data as writes to both file descriptors race each other.

It turns out that fixing the culprit script is easy; I just moved the
fprint outside the parentheses.

However, I wonder if find(1) should detect this situation and either
print an error, or do the right thing and only open the file once.


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