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[bug #26945] [wishlist] locate-d: dynamic updates using dnotify, inotify

From: Paul Wise
Subject: [bug #26945] [wishlist] locate-d: dynamic updates using dnotify, inotify or fsnotify
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 04:07:38 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #26945 (project findutils):

Eric Paris <address@hidden> wrote:

It could, although fanotify doesn't have good (really any?) handling of mv. 
I've been thinking about how to handle those but haven't had the time to try
to code something, and I'm sure that the VFS people are going to give me a
really rough time of it.

An fanotify listener can easily listen for all modify events and record what
needs to be later re-indexed.  Heck, I could probably code that in less than
200 lines (>50% of something like that code is in the lkml posting).

But I think you would still need to traverse the whole fs regularly to look
for moves, which might defeat the purpose.....

I just haven't figured out a reasonable way to indicate mv.  I probably
should spend some time looking what other OS's do....

Paul Wise <address@hidden> wrote:

Do you mind if I copy this to the bug report?

I definitely think mv notifications are needed, some of the links I posted in
the bug report might help you design them.

Eric Paris <address@hidden> wrote:

Feel free to say anything I say, although I just realized the ONLY thing that
matters for updatedb is move, so really all I told you is "I can't do that
right now"

I started looking at move tonight, I know I could do something on
sys_rename but I don't see how to do notification if an inode is moved by say
the nfsd server instead of by a sys_call.  I'll try to talk to the VFS
maintainer and see if he has some thoughts.....


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