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[bug #27213] consider_visiting: invalid assertion for FTS_NS due to acce

From: Martin von Gagern
Subject: [bug #27213] consider_visiting: invalid assertion for FTS_NS due to access permissions.
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 16:41:05 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #27213 (project findutils):

Two corrections first:

> I find that an assertion "state.have_type" had been changed
> into "state.type != 0" which sounds like the exact opposite
> of the original assumption. 

The former had been "!state.have_type".

> FTS_NSOK (indicating an omitted stat due to ),

... due to it not being requested in the first place.

I also had a look at behaviour in acb82fe4^ = cd123070:
$ find foo
find: `foo': Permission denied

The (in my opinion better) error message comes from the FTS_ERR handler in
consider_visiting. This error message doesn't even change with acb82fe4
itself, but only later in 214320ca when FTS_CWDFD got activated. Makes sense,
as the old implementation would have chdir'ed into a non-existing directory.

There is an error handling block for ent->fts_info == FTS_NS, but it doesn't
emit any message if ent->fts_level != 0 and no symlink loop is deteced. Adding
yet another error message should be easy, and I can't see why that isn't done

BTW: symlink_loop got broken by FTS_CWDFD as well, will report a separate bug
for this.

Notice that bug #25294 comment #0 by Eric Blake probably holds for this issue
here as well: there seems to be no spec saying anything about ent->fts_statp
in the FTS_NS and FTS_NSOK case. I assume that the gnulib implementation has
some concept here, but it should be documented before other projects rely on
it, I think.


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