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[bug #26641] Wrong directory hard link count message on automounted dire

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [bug #26641] Wrong directory hard link count message on automounted directory.
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 17:59:49 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, bug #26641 (project findutils):

I don't use autofs, nor do I know where to report such a bug.  As a user,
your bug report will probably go further (but do feel free to point them to
this page).

Any code that is not prepared to handle st_nlink count of 1 is already
broken.  There are already systems, like cygwin, that ALWAYS return st_nlink
of 1 for all directories, so any code ported to cygwin already has dealt with
that issue.

Doing 2 stat()s is a performance hog and breaks some atomicity guarantees -
besides, what hueristic would you use to decide that an st_link count is
suspect?  If there is a reliable hueristic, then we should already be using it
to exclude directories where st_nlink is greater than 1 but wrong.  Really, it
boils down to whether optimizations are disabled (the current decision for
that is when st_nlink is 1 or when you configured with leaf optimization
disabled); the behavior without optimization is always correct, although it is
provably slower on systems where st_nlink is reliable.


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