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Re: [PATCH 1/2] find: add SELinux support

From: Kamil Dudka
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] find: add SELinux support
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 12:06:19 +0100
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Hi James,

On Sun August 16 2009 15:13:34 James Youngman wrote:
> So, the attached two patches are a version of Kamil's patch rebased
> against current 'master'.   I propose to apply them to 4.5.x soon,
> unless there is a problem (e.g. something missing or a build failure
> on some less common system, etc.).

is there any schedule to get this in?

Attached are the patches rebased against current HEAD. I only moved the 
ChangeLog entries up.


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