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Re: find . -wholename ’./src/emacs’ -prune -o -print

From: Reza Roboubi
Subject: Re: find . -wholename ’./src/emacs’ -prune -o -print
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 21:34:30 -0800
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Reza Roboubi wrote:
Eric Blake wrote:
According to Reza Roboubi on 2/24/2010 9:47 PM:
The man page seems buggy:
find . -wholename ’./src/emacs’ -prune -o -print
It works _without_ the ticks(quotes) contrary to what the man page says.

There's a difference between "’" which you copied from the man page (a
nice Unicode stylized right single quote) and "'" which is what you get
when you type an apostrophe on your keyboard.  Most likely, the problems
you are seeing are due to pasting the wrong character.

Sorry about the Cut & Paste confusion. Of course I tried it with proper single quotes as well. My real problem was I did this:

find . -wholename './src/emacs/' -prune -o -print   (extra slash)

and that wasn't working.  Why is that?

 > find . -wholename ./src/emacs -prune -o -print
 > find . -wholename './src/emacs' -prune -o -print
 > find . -wholename "./src/emacs" -prune -o -print
 > find . -wholename \./src/emacs -prune -o -print

Thanks for thoroughly explaining the bash syntax with examples.


Nevermind!  I get it now!

-prune must get an exact directory name match and then it prunes it's children.

Duh!!  Sorry.


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