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Re: specifying case-ignore in updatedb & find.

From: Linda A. Walsh
Subject: Re: specifying case-ignore in updatedb & find.
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 01:17:08 -0800
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There doesn't seem to be a way to specify paths in 'updatedb' to allow for 
case-insentive matching.

Also, the in order for the problem to be solved completely, find has to be
fixed as well.

The part that would be, I think, updatedb-specific is the --prunepaths
option.  There needs to be an --iprunepaths option.  The former uses
-regex to do exception matching, while the later would use -iregex to do

The part that's common to both, is that while find has -iXXXXX options to parallel -XXXXX options that ignore case, it needs a way to tell it to ignore case on the starting pathnames just like it has options to tell
it to process them as symlinks or not.


Should I just submit it to the bug database?  If so, should there be
separate issues for find and updatedb?  Separate ones for updatedb involving 
--prunepaths vs. the starting paths (since they involve separate dependencies 
in find?)


(sorry for any confusion in mentioning the find and updatedb problems in terms 
of specific applications.  I can see how mentioning 3rd party apps might 
distract from the essential problem areas).

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