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sorta of a bug "ramzswap"

From: Bill Baker
Subject: sorta of a bug "ramzswap"
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 08:24:26 -0700

Help, running out of time to get this network up...

On trying to install on a Toshiba with less than 500 MG Ram I get a fatal
error... It has to do with restrictions that you put in place and i can't
find them so guess they are in kernel or lib some where  like " if ram is
<=500 then term ramzswap" which then totally disengages my install.  Please
remove this requirement or lower it or maybe another work around.

Thought about checking newest kernels 3.0.1 OR 3.0.1 rc1 as they look like
they address this or compcache.

In my mind it would just be simpler to lower the ram requirement and I'll
add swap and just tell me where to teleport it from lol ;)

Bill Baker

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