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[bug #23065] -daystart measures from start of tomorrow - manual incorrec

From: James Youngman
Subject: [bug #23065] -daystart measures from start of tomorrow - manual incorrect
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 21:38:22 +0000
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Update of bug #23065 (project findutils):

             Assigned to:                    None => jay                    


Follow-up Comment #3:

Since this bug has been with us in the code for a long, long time, I'm
reluctant to just fix it in a point release, because this will doubtless
change the effect of a number of user scripts.

However, while the code doesn't agree with the documentation, updating the
documentation seems wrong too: 

1. having -daystart documenting as setting the origin at the beginning of
tomorrow seems deeply unintuitive.

2. it looks to me like the current code doesn't align the origin with midnight
around the points when the clocks change, either, though I have not verified
this in testing.

There's no obvious answer which fixes the bug but won't break scripts.  
However, here's one idea for a transition.   Comments appreciated.

1. Modify the existing -daystart so that it takes an optional argument.   The
argument can be "tomorrow-ish" or "today".   "-daystart tomorrow-ish" has the
same meaning as -daystart does now.    Document the precise effect of
tomorrow-ish.   ("ish" because of the problem with short/long days).  The
argument "today" makes find do what the documentation says it should.   If no
argument is used, a warning message is issued and "tomorrow-ish" is assumed.

2. Either deprecate "-daystart" without a following option, or warn that its
meaning will change.

Comments appreciated.


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