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[bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size [needs

From: Patrick O'Neill
Subject: [bug #12162] Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size [needs community feedback]
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 21:49:48 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #22, bug #12162 (project findutils):

I'd just like to cast another vote for the view that the behavior of the -size
flag is incorrect.  Though I have read and understood the arguments in favor
of maintaining the current behavior, I don't see any way around the following
dilemma.  Either:

1) -size is broken because of the rounding behavior, or 

2) -size correctly implements a different search criterion (i.e. size by
blocks), and therefore find lacks a flag for search by  file size.  

Although I would be mildly surprised to learn that anyone has written code
which relies on the rounding behavior, there's surely no harm in adding
another flag, (e.g. -filesize as Jay Youngman suggested) which has the
semantics that 99.9% of users expect?

I find myself in sympathy with xeo's incredulity that a behavior that has
bitten this many people since (at least) 2005 has not been remedied by any of
the Pareto-optimal, compatability-preserving means available, like adding
another flag that does the right thing.  Can I ask what would constitute
sufficient evidence that fixing this behavior (or remedying it with another
flag) would be endorsed by the community?  

Best regards,


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