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Re: st_nlink=2 and no subdirs? isn't that normal?

From: Linda A. Walsh
Subject: Re: st_nlink=2 and no subdirs? isn't that normal?
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 20:00:29 -0700
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I have a Windows 7 workstation that has it's file system mounted
on a gnu-linux based system with the cifs file system.

I went to the root of that file system and did a find of some file
name, like:
find . -iname \*oem\*
after it had been running for some time, (well over a minute),
it displayed the warning message.

I've seen such a message maybe under cygwin back several years
ago, possibly on a FAT file system.

But this is an NTFS file system, exported and mounted via the CIFS
driver in linux (3.9.8) and I thought it odd that it would give such
a message randomly/out of the blue, on a linux-network based file

It might be a bug in the driver.?  It could be something flakey on my Win7
system, but I ran chkdsk on it but it didn't find any directory or filename
corruption problems.

So I fired off a Q' asking mostly for some confirmation that it happened on
linux with the CIFS driver...or no, never heard of it...

I wouldn't expect you to try to debug it based on what I have ... it's a fluke at this point...it USUALLY doesn't happen, but it did -- I'll see if I can narrow it down,
but I'd think the driver would flag it as an anomaly, but I couldn't find
anything in the logs...

it just seemed weird?...

James Youngman wrote:
Could you supply a complete set of instructions for reproducing the
problem, please?

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