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Superlocate: a command-line productivity booster

From: Anti Thesis
Subject: Superlocate: a command-line productivity booster
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 18:52:22 +0100
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First of all: I've posted this before, but couldn't find it back in the archive. If this is unwanted here, apologies, but I didn't receive any message about this, so I don't know if my post got deleted, or if something went wrong with sending it.

I've written a very small, simple bash script that helps browsing the filesystem in the CLI. It utilizes locate and grep to search for a file or directory whose path includes all of the given arguments, and if there's only one result, it will cd to that directory, or the directory containing that file. A quick example:

address@hidden sl france photo

Can cd the user to /home/user/documents/photos/holidays/france-2010/ , regardless of the directory they were inside before. What's more: if there are more than one results, a dmenu instance pops up and lets the user choose one result. Please see the examples section in the readme file for a further outline of its power. Here's the program:


Even though it isn't exactly a sophisticated program, it quickly became the most used command to me personally, and I figured this community might be interested in it.

Now, a few things. First of all: what are your thoughts on it? Any suggestions on how to extend it or do things more efficiently? I'm running on a bit of a slow netbook and sometimes the command takes a couple of seconds. Any ideas how to make it faster? Any feedback is more than welcome.

Secondly: I was discussing this program on Freenode's #gnu, and the people there recommended I try to get it included in the findutils metapackage. I'm glad if anyone uses this, but getting it included here sounds wonderful. Is this a possibility?



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