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xargs --show-limits environment size subtracted twice possibly

From: Zoch, Donald
Subject: xargs --show-limits environment size subtracted twice possibly
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 15:52:49 +0000


We have some code that parses the output of

xargs -show-limits

specifically the

"Maximum length of command we could actually use"  line

We noticed when updating from findutils 4.2.30 to 4.4.2 that it appeared the 
number was different and it appeared that the
environment size was being subtracted twice.

I notice in findutils 4.2.30 that line 446 in buildcmd.c doesn't actually 
modify ctl->posix_arg_size_max

ctl->posix_arg_size_max - size_of_environment;

This was changed/corrected  to

ctl->posix_arg_size_max -= size_of_environment;

in findutils 4.4.2, buildcmd.c line 479

So in xargs.c, should line 699 be changed to not subtract the environment again?

<             (unsigned long)(bc_ctl.posix_arg_size_max -
<                             bc_size_of_environment()));
>             (unsigned long)bc_ctl.posix_arg_size_max);

Thank you

Donald Zoch

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