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debugging --findoptions (Possible bug fix) updatedb (GNU findutils) 4.6.

From: Freeman Mayberry
Subject: debugging --findoptions (Possible bug fix) updatedb (GNU findutils) 4.6.0
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 19:54:01 -0500

So updatedb was taking too long, as in never finishing, I decided to try
and find out why. However when I entered (after much googling):

nice -n -19 updatedb --findoptions="-D stat"

it kept telling me the option was not found.

In file C:\cygwin64\bin\updatedb I moved $FINDOPTIONS to
before $SEARCHPATHS in all the lines it occurs.


now it seems to work flawlessly. Even after I took out
the --prunepaths='/cygdrive' because it was looping on the drives in it. It
finished before I finished this email.

updatedb (GNU findutils) 4.6.0
Cygwin -x86_64 on Windows 7

Freeman L. Mayberry

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