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Re: help us to resolve this command

From: Aman ulla
Subject: Re: help us to resolve this command
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 12:35:49 +0530

‎Hi all,

Still waiting for your support. 

# find /root/home/ -mindepth 1 -type f -not -name '.*' -delete && find
/root/home/ -type d -not \(-name '.*' -or -name 'Desktop' -or -name
'thinclient_drives' \) -delete‎

Removed \ also. But still getting error msg. 

Kindly tell us, to resolve this. 

Thanks in Advance. 




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  Original Message  
From: Aman ulla
Sent: Friday 11 August 2017 4:17 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Fwd: help us to resolve this command

how can i run this command in our centos 7 server to get results..?

# find /root/home/ -mindepth 1 -type f -not -name '.*' -delete && find
/root/home/ -type d -not \(\-name '.*' -or -name 'Desktop' -or -name
'thinclient_drives' \) -delete

this command gives this error.

find: paths must precede expression: (-name
Usage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D
help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]

kindly help us to resolve this..

Thanks in Advance.

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