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Problems in locate.findutils.1

From: esr
Subject: Problems in locate.findutils.1
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018 15:16:13 -0400 (EDT)

This is automatically generated email about markup problems in a man
page for which you appear to be responsible.  If you are not the right
person or list, please tell me so I can correct my database.

See http://catb.org/~esr/doclifter/bugs.html for details on how and
why these patches were generated.  Feel free to email me with any
questions.  Note: These patches do not change the modification date of
any manual page.  You may wish to do that by hand.

I apologize if this message seems spammy or impersonal. The volume of
markup bugs I am tracking is over five hundred - there is no real
alternative to generating bugmail from a database and template.

                             Eric S. Raymond
Problems with locate.findutils.1:

Unbalanced group in command synopsis. You probably forgot
to open or close a [ ] or { } group properly.

--- locate.findutils.1-unpatched        2013-05-24 04:46:40.426655741 -0400
+++ locate.findutils.1  2013-05-24 04:48:11.186654044 -0400
@@ -3,11 +3,24 @@
 locate \- list files in databases that match a pattern
 .B locate
-[\-d path | \-\-database=path] [\-e | \-E | \-\-[non\-]existing] [\-i
-| \-\-ignore-case] [\-0 | \-\-null] [\-c | \-\-count] [\-w | \-\-wholename]
-|\-b | \-\-basename] [\-l N | \-\-limit=N] [\-S | \-\-statistics] [\-r
-| \-\-regex ] [\-\-max-database-age D] [\-P | \-H | \-\-nofollow] [\-L
-| \-\-follow] [\-\-version] [\-A | \-\-all] [\-p | \-\-print] [\-\-help] 
+[\-d path | \-\-database=path] 
+[\-e | \-E | \-\-[non\-]existing] 
+[\-i | \-\-ignore-case]
+[\-0 | \-\-null]
+[\-c | \-\-count]
+[\-w | \-\-wholename]
+[\-b | \-\-basename]
+[\-l N | \-\-limit=N]
+[\-S | \-\-statistics]
+[\-r | \-\-regex ]
+[\-\-max-database-age D]
+[\-P | \-H | \-\-nofollow]
+[\-L | \-\-follow]
+[\-A | \-\-all]
+[\-p | \-\-print]
 This manual page
 documents the GNU version of

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