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RFE: "-mtype" + -menc

From: L A Walsh
Subject: RFE: "-mtype" + -menc
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 19:13:35 -0700
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Thinking more about the usefulness of the first, though if
added, adding the 2nd operator would make sense.

It might be nice if the classification functionality of 'file'
was more accessible in a find with some type of

find -mtime -60 -mtype shell

would find files newer than 60 days and with a
"--mime-type" with 'shell' in the type
  (shell scripts seemed to be bunched under 'text/x-shellscript')

The "-menc" would correspond to file's "-mime-encoding" type.

Very often I want to search for something but only in my shell or perl
scripts and likely within the past 'X' months, stringing everything
together in a pipeline is certainly possible but awkward when
what I really want to do is search for a string or function name in
all shell scripts:

(# has one failure due to spaces in filename)
> grep -Pil 'trace.*\(\)'  $(filetype shell)
grep: Quick: No such file or directory
grep: Launch-order.sh: No such file or directory
Now if I want to add before a specific date?....ug...I'm not sure
how'd I'd begin, but it certainly doesn't seem str8 forward.


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