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Re: Using 'find' to look for all files that belong to 'owner'

From: Mischa Baars
Subject: Re: Using 'find' to look for all files that belong to 'owner'
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 08:55:51 +0200
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Hi Berny,

It's all right there in the manual pages, you're completely right.
Normally I don't overlook stuff that easily, must have been too early
in the morning :)

Have a pleasant day as well,

On Mon, 2019-09-23 at 18:47 +0200, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
> On 2019-09-23 17:48, Mischa Baars wrote:
> >    Hi,
> >    I was trying to use 'find' to look for all files that belong to
> >    'owner', to clean up any files still on the filesystem after
> > removing
> >    user 'owner'.
> >    As far as I know, this is impossible with 'find'. Am I right?
> > And if
> >    so, is there any other way to do this?
> >    Best regards,
> >    Mischa Baars.
> Sure, 'man find' says:
>        -uid n File's numeric user ID is n.
>        -user uname
>               File is owned by user uname (numeric user ID allowed).
> So there's a way to find files owned by the given user specified
> either by user name or by user ID; the latter works also in the
> case the user name was already deleted.
> See also:
> https://www.gnu.org/software/findutils/manual/html_node/find_html/Owner.html
> Have a nice day,
> Berny

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