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Re: find inodes of a dir

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: Re: find inodes of a dir
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 15:24:01 +0200
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On 2020-08-16 15:01, Andrei Enshin via Bug reports for the GNU find utilities 
> The longer entries are seems to be on different filesystems:
> dev:801 ino:2 name:/
> dev:6 ino:2 name:/dev
> dev:18 ino:2 name:/run
> dev:3c ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/e1c046bb5a81c469a8df15d2120ef0279c00537034d12b16ecf662b8ee373965/mounts/shm
> dev:95 ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/9deea768c8f6c63a729cfb05fdbe0c0bd94ba0a3acf5d855a90cea59f6d275cb/mounts/shm
> dev:3b ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/2c84000c9de461357cb839291b8f6b85224cbf83e4a834bb2be0c07971914047/mounts/shm
> dev:3e ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/f1cad304f57c9d037f5d9cdb56dc992d3838ef85456819dedf4e09dfe9f34828/mounts/shm
> dev:ca ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/203d7a788ea761b0c888fd23748049136ac7c506aa67ffb4141bc41c151e0c3a/mounts/shm
> dev:c9 ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/65ba7611be7738ad051b6ba09cd51304dc574bab54def0b140999abdc3a299c6/mounts/shm
> dev:94 ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/255a29fb2b41cd6c541d11b8cdc22e69c8aac5d0cd80b83f04295539f7d9700b/mounts/shm
> dev:3d ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/docker/containers/ed8595232045982ed792d50cbc60ccac3c156b23e9c205c85c3a3e3c830f431d/mounts/shm
> dev:c2 ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/kubelet/pods/a994411d-8f24-4101-9e07-b15e66470dfc/volumes/kubernetes.io~secret/coredns-token-65pjr
> dev:8d ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/kubelet/pods/e1c23a8f-c462-4562-b556-7791be24213e/volumes/kubernetes.io~secret/kube-proxy-token-clxqv
> dev:8c ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/kubelet/pods/e8c0dbfd-3daf-4d5a-8672-8d8311ddf393/volumes/kubernetes.io~secret/flannel-token-x6nrk
> dev:c1 ino:2 
> name:/var/lib/kubelet/pods/91acd716-7fb7-4477-80ef-9aeb5774df17/volumes/kubernetes.io~secret/coredns-token-65pjr

Okay, that explains it:
they are all mount points, and the entries in those file systems all have inode 
number 2.

> Which -xdev should care about but doesn’t (?) or I should use another option.

Well, as stated, in one of the upcoming versions, the -mount option - which is
currently a synonym of -xdev - will avoid returning the mount points.

> I see. Tricky way to find hard links to a dir being a
> root — `stat -c 'dev:%D ino:%i name:%n' /*/.. /.` — works to me.

Hardlinks to directories are only possible via the '..' entries.
AFAIR on older or strange systems one could also create such hardlinks,
but common current systems reject this:

  $ ln -v / hardlink-to-root
  ln: /: hard link not allowed for directory

and here is the corresponding failing system call:

  linkat(AT_FDCWD, "/", AT_FDCWD, "hardlink-to-root", 0) = -1 EPERM (Operation 
not permitted)

> Thank you. Seems find as of now can’t do it?

The -inum option only checks for the same inode number, and as -xdev also 
the mount points which could incidentally have the same inum (yet on a different
file system), the better choice is -samefile ... as Tavian replied in the other 
However, find will elide the '..' entries.

Have a nice day,

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