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[Bug-freedink] Suggestion for freedink-dfarc package

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Bug-freedink] Suggestion for freedink-dfarc package
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 02:44:27 +0200

I think that it would help if the dfarc executable had a symlink to
"freedink-dfarc" or "freedink-launcher" or something like that.

The first time I played freedink I didn't know that such a frontend as
dfarc existed. I know that there's a desktop file and it appears in
the menu as "DFArc - Dink frontend..." but I used to execute the
programs by console or Alt+F2 and I didn't noticed this frontend
existed because the name "dfarc" was not very helpful and it doesn't
show up when tab completing "freedink".

To me it's not a problem already, but i think that it's possible that
maybe some people end up missing the great DFarc. After all, I think a
symlink is not a expensive thing nor hard to add, I believe. It's just
a small detail for making it more discoverable.

What do you think?


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