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Re: [Bug-freedink] Re: [OT] Made a small blog post about GNU Freedink

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Bug-freedink] Re: [OT] Made a small blog post about GNU Freedink
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 09:26:51 +0200

Nice review, shirish ^^

I'll also like to comment about some of your appreciations.

> a. Implement autosave

Something that I think that makes some dmods challenging is that you
are not able to save until you find a save machine.

However, I think it's an excellent idea if it's implemented optionally
for the dmods. I mean.. perhaps there could be a DinkC function that
some dmods authors could use if they want (maybe use it in the
freedink version of the main game story too) for autosaving the game
in a special save-slot, and call this function after each achievement
in the story, so that the creator of the game can choose when it's a
good moment for saving. I don't know if this is already doable or if
it would introduce incompatibilities with older engines, though.

Or did you had other kind of autosaving in mind?

> b. Why can’t Dink smallwood have a girlfriend or group of
> friends. It becomes pretty lonely on the journeys/quests.

Hehehe. Well.. he has Milder as some kind of friend ..somehow. Some
dmods feature him.

IMHO, if it was about modifying the original story I wouldn't do
that... except perhaps add some new dialogs after Dink kills Seth. It
was kinda disappointing when I finished the main game and run to my
hometown to find that Chealse was still talking the same old gossips
(she didn't even know that Milder died), and I was not able to brag to
Libby about me saving the whole world :P

It would be nice to have maybe a few additional secrets or maybe some
easter egg featuring the duck with GNU horns.


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