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Re: [Bug-freedink] Re: [OT] Made a small blog post about GNU Freedink

From: shirish
Subject: Re: [Bug-freedink] Re: [OT] Made a small blog post about GNU Freedink
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 00:51:56 +0530

Reply in-line :-

On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 12:56, address@hidden<address@hidden> wrote:
> Nice review, shirish ^^

Thank you ferkiwi

> I'll also like to comment about some of your appreciations.
>> a. Implement autosave
> Something that I think that makes some dmods challenging is that you
> are not able to save until you find a save machine.
> However, I think it's an excellent idea if it's implemented optionally
> for the dmods. I mean.. perhaps there could be a DinkC function that
> some dmods authors could use if they want (maybe use it in the
> freedink version of the main game story too) for autosaving the game
> in a special save-slot, and call this function after each achievement
> in the story, so that the creator of the game can choose when it's a
> good moment for saving. I don't know if this is already doable or if
> it would introduce incompatibilities with older engines, though.
> Or did you had other kind of autosaving in mind?

I understand the bit about having constraint.The point is who is going
to be your target audience, the hard-core gamer or hard-core gamer +
casual gamers. The casual gamer always like convenience over hard. Say
playing something like 5-10 minutes on the tea-break and stuff like
that. If you implement auto-save it can just get better.

Although you do raise a valid point about compatibility with older engines :(

>> b. Why can’t Dink smallwood have a girlfriend or group of
>> friends. It becomes pretty lonely on the journeys/quests.
> Hehehe. Well.. he has Milder as some kind of friend ..somehow. Some
> dmods feature him.

Right. I met Milder in the original story, he's .....ok

> IMHO, if it was about modifying the original story I wouldn't do
> that... except perhaps add some new dialogs after Dink kills Seth. It
> was kinda disappointing when I finished the main game and run to my
> hometown to find that Chealse was still talking the same old gossips
> (she didn't even know that Milder died), and I was not able to brag to
> Libby about me saving the whole world :P

right. That would have been nice. It really sends me back to the duck
town (Windermiere) or whatever it was called, after he rescues he gets
his name on the stone, that was a good one. That was a nice touch. It
will always be better to  tie up loose ends.

> It would be nice to have maybe a few additional secrets or maybe some
> easter egg featuring the duck with GNU horns.

That is also a good idea.

> --
> Ferk

          Shirish Agarwal
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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