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[Bug-freedink] GNU FreeDink v1.08.20090918 and DFArc v3.4

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Bug-freedink] GNU FreeDink v1.08.20090918 and DFArc v3.4
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 13:04:08 +0200
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GNU FreeDink is a humourous 2D adventure/action game.

It's a portable and improved version of the Dink Smallwood game which
was released as Free Software by its author Seth A. Robinson.

FreeDink can run the original game as well as its extensions called
Dink Modules or D-Mods for short.

FreeDink also comes with a game editor called FreeDinkedit, so you can
create your own world!

This new version v1.08.20090918 includes, among others:

- New logging system

- New architecture: PSP (playstation portable)

- Dink doesn't crash on very long lines in dink.ini or DinkC scripts

- Add support for contextual translations

- Toggle fullscreen works on more platforms (not just X11)

- NSIS (NullSoft Install System) script to generate a complete ms woe
  installer (with FreeDink, DFArc and freedink-data); it also can
  cross-compile from GNU/Linux.

Get it at:
MD5:  0a7bc1e249c03538f5d51472fc73e0f4
SHA1: 413c277d1efb1ab6833f8f944ae99989f8b12283

It is worth noting that the PSP, a widespread game console, suffers
from what we call tivoization: the firmware refuses to load any
executable that was not signed by Sony.  Playing other executables
("homebrews") requires unlocking the firmware using a number of
tricks described at http://www.freedink.org/doc/psp/ .

This is quite a problem, and increasingly difficult to bypass.

DFArc is a graphical game front-end to play and manage D-Mods.
It was never properly announced on this list :)

Get it at:
MD5:  69d3115b7d0c6c8e1a3db2b5e16e21fc
SHA1: ee576c178767cff1463a50250a573834c63ee365

Other FreeDink components include:

- freedink-data: game data released this year under the free zlib
  license (except for 3rd-party sounds) + some free replacements for
  the sounds

- Windinkedit: alternative windowed editor
  (C+Python+Gtk port, currently in hiatus)

FreeDink is packaged in several distributions including Debian,
Fedora, ArchLinux, OpenSUSE and FreeBSD, making it easy to install all
the related packages at once.

How to help:

- Provide more free replacements for the sounds

- Translate the game in your language (with the Translation Project):

More information at http://www.freedink.org/


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