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[bug-gawk] zerofile function

From: david ward
Subject: [bug-gawk] zerofile function
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 13:23:29 +0100

I don't know if this a bug or not but I get a syntax error when when trying to pass ARGC[Argind] to zerofile. gawk version: 4.0.2 OS: Ubuntu 12.4

#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
# All known awk implementations silently skip over zero-length files. This is a by-product of awk's implicit
# read-a-record-and-match-against-the-rules loop:
#  when awk tries to read a record from an empty file, it immediately receives an end of file
# indication, closes the file, and proceeds on to the next command-line data file, WITHOUT executing any
# user-level awk program code.
# Using gawk's ARGIND variable , it is possible to detect when an empty data file
# has been skipped.
     # zerofile.awk --- library file to process empty input files
     BEGIN { Argind = 0 }
     ARGIND > Argind + 1 {
           v = ARGV[Argind]
         for (Argind++; Argind < ARGIND; Argind++)
             zerofile(a, Argind) # get syntax error for ARGV[Argind]
     ARGIND != Argind { Argind = ARGIND }
     END {
         d = ARGV[Argind]
         if (ARGIND > Argind)
             for (Argind++; Argind <= ARGIND; Argind++)
                 zerofile(d, Argind)
 my zerofile function
#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
function zerofile(a, Argind )
   print ARGIND,Argind, ARGV[Argind]
I wrote this to understand  how the post increment operator  took effect on the parameters

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