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Re: [bug-gawk] Possible printf %c width multi-byte bug

From: Aharon Robbins
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] Possible printf %c width multi-byte bug
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 11:44:00 +0300
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> Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 01:52:03 +0200
> From: Nethox <address@hidden>
> To: Aharon Robbins <address@hidden>
> CC: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] Possible printf %c width multi-byte bug
> Aharon Robbins,  2013-07-02 21:30:
> > Thanks for the report and the test files. With the patch below, it passes.
> > I assume it covers the original report as well?
> Yes, the test covers both bug reports. And also %s, which had no bug but
> I think it was untested for multibyte width and precision.
> > Here is the new patch, relative to the gawk-4.1-stable branch in git.
> > It includes a modified version of the first patch.
> > 
> > Once you approve, I'll push this.
> It works great. All tests pass, including mbprintf4.awk with
> LC_ALL="C.UTF-8". Moreover, the output of mbprintf4.awk with LC_ALL="C"
> or --characters-as-bytes (-b) remains identical to the unpatched 4.1.0
> one, which was already correct (taking into account that processing
> multibyte input as bytes results in human-nonreadadable text).

OK. I have pushed the patch to gawk-4.1-stable and to master.

Much thanks!


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