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Re: [bug-gawk] Regex treatment of NUL characters within fields

From: Manuel Collado
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] Regex treatment of NUL characters within fields
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:52:37 +0200
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El 29/03/2015 21:51, Matt Wenham escribió:
I have found a use case which has made me unsure as to how gawk 4.1.1
treats NUL characters within fields and how they are parsed by the
regex engine.

I am using GnuWin32 in this case. I asked about the issue on
Stackoverflow, and another user has found that this behaviour does not
occur with gawk 3.1.5 on CentOS 5, but does occur with gawk 4.1.1 on
debian unstable.

Sorry, but the current gawk version provided by GnuWin32 is 3.1.6.

The best gawk Windows port comes from ezwinports. Current version is 4.1.1. Are you using this one? Other ports may be buggy.

Manuel Collado - http://lml.ls.fi.upm.es/~mcollado

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