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[bug-gawk] Fedora Rawhide - testing stable branch?

From: David Kaspar [Dee'Kej]
Subject: [bug-gawk] Fedora Rawhide - testing stable branch?
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 14:40:09 +0200

Hello guys,

I have gawk-4.1.4 rebase ready for Fedora Rawhide (F26 in the future). And I saw that after the release of gawk-4.1.4 you have added some other commits into gawk-4.1-stable branch. Some of those commits looks like they could (maybe) increase performance a little, or could use some additional testing, etc.

So I was thinking about adding those patches to gawk in Fedora Rawhide. Reasons for it:
 * Fedora Rawhide could help with testing of new features, builds, etc., which is de facto one of the reasons why we have her :)
 * your new commits could be tested more/sooner before getting into official stable tarball
 * I could write you approximately 1-2 weeks before every Alpha & Beta Freeze of new Fedora release, if you deem the commits tested enough to release new source tarball
 * if you would release new tarball prior to Alpha/Beta Freeze, that release of Fedora could be using the latest stable version of gawk available

In any way, once the Alpha Freeze, I would like make gawk stable as possible no matter the previous course of action (it's tagged as Critical Path package in Fedora), so the newly added commits would be added to Rawhide again.

But, I would like to hear your opinion first... Would you be interested in some kind of co-operation like this? And do you deem the commits in gawk-4.1-stable branch good enough to be tested like this in Fedora Rawhide? I would like to avoid any system breakages in Rawhide... :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


David Kaspar [Dee'Kej]
Associate Software Engineer

Brno, Czech Republic

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