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Re: [bug-gawk] Regression bug.

From: Andrew J. Schorr
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] Regression bug.
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 08:44:26 -0500
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Hi Carlo,

On Tue, Nov 08, 2016 at 01:58:06AM +0100, Carlo Wood wrote:
> Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
> The following demonstrates the bug.
> On a GNU/linux box execute the following commands
> (assuming you have all necessary tools installed,
> otherwise install them too):

Sorry for the long delay. This bug was fixed in the master branch some time
ago, and it is now also fixed in the gawk-4.1-stable branch in commit
c0c69f02e4d300aebf91516a1a521828f6885b26. The patch is attached.  The bug was
triggered by statements such as '$0 = $0' or '$0 = gensub(..., $0)' where the
regexp did not match, so gensub's return value was unaltered $0.


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