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[bug-gawk] mktime(3) not detected on FreeBSD with -static

From: Eric Pruitt
Subject: [bug-gawk] mktime(3) not detected on FreeBSD with -static
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 23:20:21 -0700
User-agent: NeoMutt/20170113 (1.7.2)

When running ./configure for GAWK 4.1.4, the mktime(3) function is not
detected on FreeBSD 11 when using -static with CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. This
causes the build to fail:

    /usr/lib/libc.a(localtime.o): In function `mktime':
multiple definition of `mktime'

If I add "#define HAVE_MKTIME 1" to config.h, the build succeeds, and it
also succeeds if I remove "-static" from CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. I'm using
the default compiler on FreeBSD, "FreeBSD clang version 3.8.0". I have
attached config.log to this message. Is there an additional flag I
should pass to the configure script to make static linking work without
modifying the configuration header?


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