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[bug-gawk] badargs test fails

From: Hermann Peifer
Subject: [bug-gawk] badargs test fails
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 02:36:53 +0100
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Hi again.

I guess you noted already that commit
makes the badargs test fail.


$ make check
./badargs.ok _badargs differ: byte 1149, line 38
make[1]: [Makefile:1986: badargs] Error 1 (ignored)
============== _badargs =============
*** badargs.ok  2017-11-10 02:28:38.439230691 +0100
--- _badargs    2017-11-10 02:31:29.637975778 +0100
*** 35,40 ****
--- 35,41 ----
  which is section `Reporting Problems and Bugs' in the
  printed version.  This same information may be found at
+ PLEASE do NOT try to report bugs by posting in comp.lang.awk.

  gawk is a pattern scanning and processing language.
  By default it reads standard input and writes standard output.

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