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Re: [bug-gawk] Happy birthday AWK

From: arnold
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] Happy birthday AWK
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2019 10:19:32 -0600
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Peter Brooks <address@hidden> wrote:

> An interview that suggests it was around 1975 that there was a working
> version:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20101114081617/http://www.princeton.edu/~hos/mike/transcripts/weinberger.htm

Given that the very first bit of that interview says that
Weinberger arrived at Bell Labs in 1976, it seems unlikely.

Brian Kernighan says (in private mail) that the first internal
memo on awk is dated September 1977, and that April of 1977 is plausible.
It'd still be nice to have the source for such an exact date as
Miriam presented.



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