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[Bug-gcal] Re: gcal: new hungarian holiday

From: Felician Nemeth
Subject: [Bug-gcal] Re: gcal: new hungarian holiday
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 11:19:44 +0100
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I resend this old message as it still seems relevant.


On September 10 2002, Felician Nemeth wrote:

> Hi,
> From the year 2000 there is a national holiday at the first of
> november in Hungary.  This is missing from gcal 3.01.  I generate this
> missing holiday with the folliwing line:
> 00001101 All Saints' Day (HU) %i2000
> Please, update your great program,
> Felician
>    * The English name of the holiday.
> All Saints' Day
>    * The rule how it is built 
> the 1st November each year
>      And please tell me the date since what time the holiday is or was
>      celebrated for the first time, respectively.
> from 2000.
>    * Whether it is a "legal holiday" which is respected in the whole
>      country.  (Use a `+' character for marking this case.)  In this
>      sense, a legal holiday means a day people don't have to work -- as
>      in most companies, and businesses are closed; like `New Year's Day'
>      on January 1st.
> This is a "legal holiday".
>    * Whether it is a legal holiday in some parts of your country only.
>      Please tell me whether such a holiday is valid in major parts of
>      the country or not, try to express that by using percent points.
>      (If such a holiday is celebrated in more than 70% of the country,
>      use a `#' character for marking this case, otherwise use a `*'
>      character.)
> # (100%)
>    * Whether it is a day only used for memorial or remembering purposes.
> no

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