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[Bug-gcal] function day_suffix() is too English-centric

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Bug-gcal] function day_suffix() is too English-centric
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 14:17:28 +0100


In src/utils the function day_suffix() is solely geared for English:
it provides the token suffixes for first, second and third, and the
"th" suffix for everything else.  But in Dutch we would need also
a "ste" suffix for 8 and for anything above 19, in order to be fully
correct.  For Dutch I can work around this in the translation file
by reducing the suffix for all forms to a single "e" (which is the
modern, lazy way of indicating ordinals anyway).  However, I can
imagine that there are languages where no such simplification is
possible or acceptable.  So... what to do?

(Oh, btw, the day_suffix() function contains some comments meant
for translators, but these have not made it into the POT file.
For xgettext to pick up such comments, they must begin with a
certain tag.  The default one is "TRANSLATORS:".

So instead of "/* *** Translators, ... */ it should be
/* TRANSLATORS: ... */.  If the shouty caps are found to
be too ugly, xgettext allows you define a custom tag.)


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