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Re: [Bug-gcal] Display length of non-ASCII

From: Mariusz Adamski
Subject: Re: [Bug-gcal] Display length of non-ASCII
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 10:17:38 +0200
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Hi again,

I've managed to track down the regression to commit
f652400a18404fa7c688747b6b155e2195b664fb which removed unistr/u8-strlen
and unistdio/u8-sprintf from bootstrap.conf. When I readded them back
in and reran bootstrap, I was able to compile gcal with
--enable-unicode. However, there are still some issues with formatting
the list of holidays (as Karlheinz pointed out), specifically when
abbreviating months and days of the week containing multiple byte
unicode characters. I'll look into it.

Mariusz Adamski

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