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Re: [Bug-gcal] Update to Swedish holidays

From: Göran Uddeborg
Subject: Re: [Bug-gcal] Update to Swedish holidays
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 21:49:37 +0200

Giuseppe Scrivano:
> not sure, but if it is in base but not valid for Sweden, then I think
> you should modify it in the base function to not be added for Sweden and
> later add it only for Sweden with the different values.  Would that work
> for you?

It would work, but it becomes a bit messy since it affects the
signature of the function, and thus all calls.  See the attached
possible patch.  It does its job, but the code was cleaner before.

Attachment: 0001-National-holiday-replaced-Pentecost-Monday-as-a-Swed.patch
Description: National holiday replaced Pentecost Monday as a Swedish holiday 2005.

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