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[Bug-gcal] Use with .ics or .csv on remote location

From: Brian Peregrine
Subject: [Bug-gcal] Use with .ics or .csv on remote location
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 13:42:14 +0200

I'm not sure whether gcal saves the gcal data in .csv or .ics format.
Google Calendar uses that too, so would be useful for import/export
function. Also, for me to use it, it should also have a command to
important the .csv or .ics into gcal. This because I can only save
data on a usb stick. Saving inputted data into gcal should also be
possible by writing the data to a .csv or .ics. Lastly, not sure
whether astronomical data (Vernal equinox date, Summer solstice date,
Autumnal equinox date, Winter solstice date, New Moon, First Quarter,
Full Moon, Third Quarter) can be loaded into gcal from a remote .csv
or .ics file.

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