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Coordinate Lat/Long Problems?

From: Roger
Subject: Coordinate Lat/Long Problems?
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 18:09:29 -0400

I seem to either be incorrectly setting the incorrect latitude/longitude        
format, or something is completely amiss!                                       

Sunrise for Ohio +41.9476 -080.5542 at 196.901 meters above sea level.

$ gcal -f/dev/null -# "0 Sunrise is at %o+41.9476-080.5542+196.901"             

Fixed date list:
Su,  25 Sep 2022: Sunrise is at 14:27

This is obviously not the correct sunrise for my location, my timezone 
configured on this computer, or likely according to UTC.

Odd some longitude/latitude locations, via Internet found gcal examples, seemed 
to report the correct sunrise/sunset on my computer here.  (Guessing times 
calculated based on the computer's reporting timezone?)

Took me a h8ll of a long time figuring-out how I could simply enter an extended
gcal command line incanatation for testing, or use commands typically shown 
within resource files on the Internet, via command line!  Searching the gcal 
mailing list for astronomical options, I finally found an example within a bug 
report how to do so.  One would expect simple command line use within the 
online gcal manual files, for easily used examples?

6+ hours working on this problem, still working on it...


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