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Re: libintl adjusting local search paths by environment variable

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: libintl adjusting local search paths by environment variable
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 23:34:22 +0200
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Hi Witold,

> It would be nice to use unmodified binary, and prepend search paths.
> GETTEXT_PATHS=adriconf=/home/user/.loca/share/locale
> to adjust the search path.
> or
> GETTEXT_GMO=adriconf=./pl.gmo
> to force directly a specific translation, independent of what
> or something like that.
> Both of these env variables could contain multiple domains (probably
> separated by colon as it is used to).
> Is it already possible, and where it is documented?
> (requirements: no root, no program recompile).

It is already possible, albeit through a hack: In LANGUAGE, you can specify
a relative file name of a language directory.

For example, if you have a modified coreutils.mo sitting in
you can run

  LANGUAGE=../../../../../tmp/mylocale/pl some-coreutils-program

Yes, it is silly that relative file names are accepted but absolute
file names don't work...


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