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Re: gettext failing msgconv-3 and lang-c++

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gettext failing msgconv-3 and lang-c++
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2024 14:23:00 +0100


Paul E Reimer wrote:
> I am installing gettext-0.22.4.  I do the following commands after 
> downloading gettext:
> 1049  ./configure --prefix=/Users/reimer/local >& 
> ../gettext-0.22.4.configure.log
> 1050  make -j1 >& ../gettext-0.22.4.make.log
> 1051  make check -j1 >& ../gettext-0.22.4.make.check.log
> Those three logs are attached.  As you can see, "make check" produces 
> two errors in msgconv-3 and lang-c++
> I am doing the install on a MacBook Pro running macOS Sonoma 14.4 with 
> Xcode 15.2.  I have also attached the gettext-tools/tests/test-suite.log
> As I am not really familiar with gettext, please feel free to give me 
> suggestions or ask for more information.

These two test failures don't have a big impact on the operation of GNU gettext;
you can do a "make install" nonetheless.

* Regarding the msgconv-3 failure:
  According to [1], Apple apparently replaced their entire iconv
  implementation. Before, they were using a fork of GNU libiconv from 2006.
  (They stopped upgrading to newer versions of GNU libiconv when I
  switched the program's license from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+.) Now they are using an
  implementation based on the one from FreeBSD or NetBSD, under the MIT license.

  Can you do
    $ cd gettext-tools/tests
    $ make check TESTS=msgconv-3 KEEP=yes
    $ cd `ls -dt gt-msgconv-3.* | sed 1q`
    $ ../../src/msgconv -t ISO-8859-1 mco-test3.po -o mco-test3.out
  Does this command succeed? If it succeeds, please attach mco-test3.out.
  If it fails, please can you show the error output?

* Regarding the lang-c++ failure:
  Can you please try to
    1. apply the attached math.h.diff,
    2. run "make" again,
    3. $ cd gettext-tools/tests
       $ make check TESTS=lang-c++
  Does this work?



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