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Re: [Bug-gforth] [bug #55675] Cannot build from git commit d505b1be

From: Bernd Paysan
Subject: Re: [Bug-gforth] [bug #55675] Cannot build from git commit d505b1be
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:26:19 +0100

Am Freitag, 8. Februar 2019, 14:12:51 CET schrieb Reuben Thomas:
> Follow-up Comment #1, bug #55675 (project gforth):
> There seems to be something odd going on with the build. I check out git
> repositories under ~/.local/var/repo/, which is symlinked to ~/repo.
> After attempting to build gforth, I did:
> gforth$ cd ..
> repo$ ls
> gforth/
> repo$ pwd
> /home/rrt/repo
> So gforth's build appeared to have killed everything else in my repo
> directory! Fortunately, this was not in fact true, it had in fact replaced
> the symlink from ~/repo to ~/.local/var/repo with a directory ~/repo.
> But surely it should not be fiddling with my filing system above the
> checkout directory?!

No, shouldn't, but it tries to create a directory hierarchy, and maybe when 
there's a symlink in the chain, it replaces that with a real directory…

I can reproduce this, it's likely that line 50 in mkdir.fs, where it deletes a 
parent directory if that is a file (and a symlink is a file).

Bernd Paysan
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