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If you could say anything you wanted, what would it be?

From: iemailedtheworld0635y43
Subject: If you could say anything you wanted, what would it be?
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 11:33:44 -1000

I have a chance to say something, anything I want, to two-hundred thousand 
people.  What would you say if you were in my shoes right now?
Let me start by saying I'm a 35 year old guy in Austin, Texas USA who just had 
a birthday one week ago.  I sit on the back porch alone thinking about what to 
say.  I've been alone in my life for about six months.  My wife and daughter 
gone now what seems an eternity.  So, what would a guy like me say?  Should I 
talk about all the terrorism or what happened on September 11th?  Or how about 
what has caused the attacks in the first place:  Each of us with our very own 
Does it really matter what we each call our God?  Is it possible to agree that 
there is a Higher Authority or Being either within or outside of our selves and 
just leave it at that?
If you as a person have a belief within your own life in some kind of higher 
power - that's what counts!  It is that belief, however meager, that gives 
Natural Law life.  It is that belief that gives you the energy to do things in 
your life.  When you have strong beliefs you do strong things, when you have 
weak beliefs you do little or nothing.
No matter what spiritual beliefs you may hold, each of them have several basic 
ideas in common, and most all of them will boil down to:
1.      Simply respect each other,
2.      not only value, but combine each others differences, and
3.      let our life be a reflection of what we believe and not of what others 
would have us to be.
I guess if it were all really this simple we would already be doing it, huh.  
Look, I managed to find something to say after all.
This is my hope for your life: Believe strongly!

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