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From: Mrs Marian Abacha
Subject: URGENT
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:11:01 +0200


ATTN: The President/CEO,

Iam Mrs. Marian Abacha, the widow of late Gen. Sani Abacha.Former
Nigeria military head of state who died mysteriouly as a result of
cardiac arrest.

Since after my husband`s death. my family has been going through
immense harassment including undue police restriction and
molestation.The family account with the bank here and abroad have
been frozen by the government for reasons that are rather vindicative.

Our plight ever made worse by the confiscation/seizure of our family
landed properties and investment in Nigeria.One of the witch-hunting
search light of the government beamed on our account a Swiss bank which
had a sum of US$ 700 Million in it and another US$ 450Million. Threats
of freezing and clamp on the account have been too much.It is for this
reason that I have decided to move the sum of US$ 60 Million in defaced
form packed carefully in sealed metal boxes for reason of security.

I humbly appeal to you on behalf of the entire family members to
safe us from starvation,poverty and strangulation by assisting us move
the money into your country where it shall be safe, since I cannot leave
Nigeria now due to the movement restriction place on us.

You can equally get in touch with my younger son,Abba Abacha (Mr) at
his email address:address@hidden , he is the one who will handle this
transaction it is important you reach him.

We have moved the money to a security company in europe. My son shall
give you details of this confidential movement as soon as you get in
touch. For the anticipated co-operation, we have set 20% of the money
for you while 75% shall be held on trust until we decide on a joint
venture business to do with the money as soon as we regain freedom,
while 5% shall be mapped out for any incidental expenses that may arise.
Treat with confident and do reply to safe us from the stifling grip of the
merciless government.

Best regards,

Hajia Marian Abacha   

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