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From: Ulrich Drepper
Subject: Re: (Fwd) SIGQUEUE_MAX
Date: 11 Jul 2001 23:25:47 -0700
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"Michael Kerrisk" <address@hidden> writes:

> I submitted this a couple of weeks back but got no response.  Did you 
> receive this?

Again, wrong way.

> No headers define SIGQUEUE_MAX, and sysconf(_SC_SIGQUEUE_MAX) returns -1 on
> Linux 2.2.14, glibc 2.1.3.  I've reviewed the 2.2.3pre3 glibc and 2.4.3
> kernel sources and unless I missed something, nothing has changed.  I
> assume this is a known issue, the question is, is it a glibc issue or a
> Linux issue?

There is no problem.  Read the standard if you don't know yet what it
means if no macro is defined and sysconf returns -1.

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