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Re: (Fwd) ftw() not correctly handling symlinks

From: Michael Kerrisk
Subject: Re: (Fwd) ftw() not correctly handling symlinks
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:34:05 +0200

> As for your report: you completely misunderstand the difference
> between ftw() and nftw().  Especially why there is nftw() in the first
> place.

I've been reading the standards pretty closely, though as I mentioned, it 
seems to me that XSH:ftw() is not completely clear on this point (i.e. 
whether or not ftw() should follow symlinks - the implication of a XBD 
4.11 is that unless otherwise stated, it should, however the presence of 
the FTW_SL flag for ftw() implies otherwise).  

I tested the sample program I already sent you on OSF/1-5.1a - it gives 
the reults I expected - i.e. symbolic links are NOT followed, and ftw() 
passes FTW_SL to the helper function when it encounters a symlink.

So I think there is a question of who misunderstands the standards - you, 
or me and the folk at Compaq/ex-Digital (and I'm quite prepared to allow 
it could be the latter - like I say, it ain't clear)

Here's a simple way to resolve the point: In what circumstances (if any)  
will/should glibc:ftw() pass FTW_SL as a value to flag?


Michael Kerrisk
mailto: address@hidden

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                    Anatole France

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