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Bug in rpcinfo of Glibc-2.2.3 .........................

From: mnayak
Subject: Bug in rpcinfo of Glibc-2.2.3 .........................
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 14:09:59 +0530


I am using following command in SUSE 7.1.

rpcinfo -u hostname rpc.rstatd

It displays following message as I am not having version 4 in my system.

program 100001 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100001 version 2 ready and waiting
program 100001 version 3 ready and waiting
rpcinfo :RPC :Program/version mismatch ; low version = 1 , high version = 5
program 100001 version 4 is not available
program 100001 version 5 is ready and waiting

then I did echo $? , it displays 1.That means command fails when one of
version is not there in between low & high version.

I am using glibc version  2.2.3. I have gone through the code in rpcinfo.c
file. It has the code for version status checking in udpping function. That
code works as follows :

glibc version - 2.2.3 ,rpcinfo.c file, udpping function ,line no 320

 For each version no between maximum & minimum (In our case it's 1 & 5 )

   It checks the status of each version
       if version is not available
           then it sets one variable Failure to 1.

 At the end of function(line no :349) it says if Failure =1 , then exit

for version 4 , status is not available , so it makes Failure=1
but even if version 5 is available & status is successful that failure's
value is not changed to 0.

That means if any of version is not there, the rpcinfo command is designed
to report an failure of the command.

can you please update me , if the rpcinfo command is designed that way or I
need to change the code so that it will be successful if any of version is
,not necessarily all version should be there.

Manoj Nayak

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