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malloc is slow

From: dan
Subject: malloc is slow
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 23:41:32 +0200
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I'm writing a scheme interpreter, developping on Debian/GNUlinux. I
found that the malloc and friends function are slow on my system.

My system is a debian unstable, glibc-2.2.5.

I tried to link my interpreter with DL malloc version 2.7.2 too. I
wrote several benches both running with the glibc malloc and the
dlmalloc. This is the time I obtained with one, the time got with the
other are pretty representative. In this bench, ~ 1.5sec is spend
doing a loop and some other junk, the rest is pure play with

                REAL            USER            SYSTEM
GLIBC-2.2.5     0m25.927s       0m25.860s       0m0.050s
DLMALLOC-2.7.2  0m6.360s        0m6.240s        0m0.060s

>From this, I deduce that the malloc from glibc is at least 4 times
less efficient than the dl malloc. Is this something expected or do I
something wrong ?

I can give you more details in case you are interested.

Best regards.

Courage, fuyons...

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